USS Enterprise Refit with Custom Active lighting


USS Enterprise Refit with Custom Active lighting

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Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Refit

As seen in the Original  "Star Trek "  Movies


Built With our Custom

Active Lighting that includes

Ship START UP Sequence



Watch the Video to see it in Action


Looks Great in Daylight and comes alive at night.


Features Include


"Active" Ship Start up sequence

"Active" Double Flash  Marker lights

"ActiveSingle Flash Navigation Lights

"ActiveShuttle Bay landing lights

"Active" Amber to blue Deflector dish

"ActiveThruster Flicker Lighting

"Automated"  Flood Lights

"Automated"  Warp Nacelle Chiller Grills

"Illuminated" Officers Lounge, Arboretum, Shuttlebay and Photon Torpedo Bays

All windows (Including  crew quaters, etc)

Subtle Aztec Panel Detailing

Photo Etch Detail Parts


Space Dock Style Base/Stand

This Models Lighting, Runs Using a Mains Power Supply Adapter (Included)


This Model Has a Build Time Of Upto 6 Weeks, Due to its Large 1/350 Scale and cusom work involved


90 cm / 3Ft  in Length

38 cm / 15 Inches  in Height Including Stand




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